Day 26 #shesgotlegs is Supta Kurmasana. Traditionally translated as Reclining Tortoise Posture but I Iike the idea of a sleeping tortoise better. I like to call this posture the grand crescendo of the Primary Series and as such I can advise you to take a long time building up to it and mastering it before moving on. The foundation of Supta Kurmasana is getting a deep, well-aligned Kurmasana with the thighs hugging in towards the shoulders. Focus on binding the hands by dropping the shoulders down, then the strength of the arms in the bind will protect your shoulder girdle. If you feel any pain in your sternum it probably means you’re pushing too hard too soon. Avoid collapsing the collar bone. To get the legs behind the head you’ll need a deep external rotation of both hip joints. If that’s not happening focus on maintaining the hand bind and try to cross the feet on the floor in front your head. Please don’t give up on the challenge, just share your best effort. From the teachers perspective it is inspiring to see students put in the work, especially of difficult posture. Check @beachyogagirl @laurasykora @fitqueenirene for more options. My shorts are by @liquidoactive The last week to use “shesgotlegs” for 20% off. Video by @agpadovani